Olivier Gagnon | Profile




Architect, LEED AP

Since 2011, Olivier Gagnon has designed unique and ingenious residential projects.

While creating residential buildings in Montreal and Quebec City areas, Olivier has quickly become appreciated for his tailored design and personalized approach. He has developed and worked on single family homes, expansion and major renovation of condominiums, duplexes, new multi-dwelling building, etc.

A native of Quebec City, Olivier Gagnon is a graduate of the School of Architecture at Laval University where he received a Bachelor of Science in Architecture (B. Sc. arch) with an international profile in 2006. Olivier completed his BA in 2004-2005 at the École Nationale Supérieure d’Architecture de Montpellier in France. Olivier’s time in Europe provided him with opportunities to visit some fifteen countries and discover new architectural backgrounds. He obtained his diploma of professional Master of Architecture (M. Arch) from Laval University in 2007.


Professional career

After completing his university studies, Olivier decided to take on ambitious projects and experience architecture in exceptional ways. He was hired right out of school by the prestigious firm, Landry Design Group (LDG), in Los Angeles. LDG is recognized as a world leader in creating high-end single family homes. During his time at LDG, Olivier gained unmatched experience in his field, providing highly profitable insights for his career.

A year later, on his return to Quebec, Olivier decided to establish himself in Montreal. Richard Landry, president and founder of LDG, not only supported and believed in Olivier’s expertise, but passed along his name to Alain-Serge Marchand, from Groupe Marchand Design Archgitecture, who hired him on the spot. Over the next two years at Groupe Marchand, Olivier accumulated solid experience and skills. Irrespective of his young age, Olivier is given the impressive assignment to design Phase IV of the Solano project in Old Montreal. In 2009, during his employment at Groupe Marchand Olivier receives his LEED certification.

In 2010, Olivier aspired to explore other fields of architecture. He worked for a year at St-Gelais Montminy Archetics (STGM) where he became familiar with institutional architecture.

In April 2011, Olivier receives the prestigious acknowledgment of his trade, and is welcomed as a member of the Order of Architects of Quebec. Shortly after, he decides to return to his first love, and is hired at Cardinal Hardy Architects, to work on residential architecture. Olivier quickly was noticed as a frontrunner and was made leader on large scale condominium projects, including U31 and The Se7t. During this time, Oliver began to receive private job requests. He began to work evening and weekends to meet demands of several clients, especially from the south shore of Montreal. Olivier’s professional name and work spread, and there is a growing demand for his personal touch. Consequently, Olivier decides to work on a contractual basis for Cardinal Hardy, allowing him to continue leading specific contracts while also developing his own career with personal projects.


Olivier Gagnon Architect was officially born in 2012 !