Olivier Gagnon | Vision



« Every client is unique. Each project is unique. »

Each client, I have had the pleasure to work with, is unique. As individuals, our needs differ from one another. Our lifestyles are also different and as a result the relationship one has with architecture varies accordingly. As an architect I understand the importance of having an open mind for each project I undertake. It is my mission to understand the specific needs of every client, consider their habits and lifestyle, so that I can help create suitable spaces in one’s home. Because the spaces we live in define the level of comfort and functionality, I believe it is particularly important to pay attention to the interrelationships between the spaces in our homes.

« A unique and adaptive home. »

Each project must be unique, but also needs to transcend the test of time; to be able to adapt and evolve with its home owners. That is why it is important for me to establish a hierarchy of spaces and determine which rooms are most likely to evolve over time. In each home I create, it is vital to establish a sense of flow that is in keeping with the functionality of both owner and building requirements.

« Site and architecture are one. »

When creating a space, regardless of size or budget, it is imperative to consider the surrounding physical environment and its conditions. The geographical orientation, sunlight, shade, wind exposure, topography and views are just some of the many factors that have a major impact the success of building conception. My practice analyzes and measures the elements surrounding each structure, and positively integrates all aspects into the project.

« Nature for the benefit of architecture. »

Along with incorporating nature’s external elements into each project, my mission is to promote buildings which are in harmony with their environment. It is possible to create energy efficient buildings without resorting to complex and expensive mechanical systems. Our natural environment provides us with all the necessary tools to utilize passive heating, natural ventilation and be self-sufficient in water and electricity. It is time to consider our buildings from different angles, to prioritize occupant comfort and to reduce the pressure we put on our environment. Obtaining my LEED certification at the beginning of my professional career was vital in keeping with my environmentally friendly philosophy.

CaGBCmemberF_colour_2LEED AP

The LEED certification is awarded by the Green Building Council of Canada, a national non-profit organization which, since 2002, is dedicated to promoting green building and sustainable community development practices in Canada.



My vision and philosophy of architecture help to conceptualize my approach. Each project has a unique character and set of potentials. My personal approach seeks to identify and find possibilities by learning about the building’s environment. This takes into consideration, the site, views, sunlight and the specialized needs of my clients; including budget and schedules.

My job is to create spaces with positive interrelationships using natural materials. My personal life experiences and professional background are what guide me to succeed in what I love to do, build homes!